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Uganda East Africa

Child Sponsorship

Child Sponsorship

Sponsor an orphaned child for only $40.00 per month.

This small amount will help pay for school fees, food, clothing, housing, and medical fees for the child.

To Sponsor a Child: Visit our Website:

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Write letters, visit your child, bless an orphan with care and love!!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

What Hope Does

Bless the Children Ministries simply offers the hope of God to desperate children and orphans in Uganda. Hope is all it takes to transform a child's life. Please join us in this ministry, there is no greater investment than a child's life. The proof is in the photos...

Bruno- from death to life!

Federesi- from hopeless to loved!

Meshack- from neglected to valued!

The Three- from alone to family!

The Twins- from starving to thriving!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Transformation in 8 Days....UG part 2 by Marsha Baker

I don’t even know if I can express with words the experience I had during the 8 days I recently spent in Mabaale, Uganda. The purpose of our trip was final preparations before the construction of an orphan home, medical clinic, and pig farm and planning for an upcoming summer trip. What we witnessed was transformation, faith, and devotion. Six months ago was my first trip to this beautiful country. Six months ago I sat for 4 days and interviewed 70 new children hearing stories of death, abandonment, and hopelessness.  Six months ago I left 70 sad, lost, and lonely children. The day we arrived in Mabaale on this trip those sad, lost, and lonely children were nowhere to be found… and instead I met 70 children who had been given a new chance at life, who had found hope in Jesus, who had a place to belong among the New Life Presbyterian Church, and who knew that somewhere over the ocean they had a spiritual sponsor family that loves them. I couldn’t believe that these were the same children I had spent time with, they were laughing, dancing, singing, reciting Scriptures, and worshipping their little hearts out in adoration for Christ their Lord.  The whole week was like this, I just lived with these wonderful people in awe of the mystery of God. There is no electricity, no lights, no TV, no computers, no electric stove, nowhere to charge a cell phone, there is no running water, no sinks, no hot showers, no flushing toilets. Just people, community, family and God. During the day we sat with the kids, listening to stories of tragedy and words of gratitude. Robert recounting the day he was given a chance to interview with me to be a sponsor child, he remembered every detail, those few moments of his life where truly life changing moment he would never forget.  Addah shared how she was often sad about losing both of her parents, but now because of her spiritual parents she had hope for a future. Federesi’s grandma told me how she had given up hope and considered her granddaughter as good as dead. And the three children that captured my heart in July, Francis, Dinah, and Adrona, were so full of life and love that you would never know the pain and loneness they experienced all those months before coming to BTCM. Transformation is what God is doing through this incredible ministry, that is what I got to experience everyday for 8 wonderful days. We couldn’t give enough hugs, they couldn’t get enough tickles, I have never laughed so hard, and they soaked up every ounce of love we gave out. We spent our mornings in the school teaching Bible Stories and sexual purity, answering questions as fast as they could ask them.  They are so hunger for the Word of God, for guidance, knowledge, and direction. We dug in the garden with the kids trying to learn their language.  We played volleyball and watched them dance and jump rope.  We spent our afternoons talking about future plans, checking accountability and integrity.  We had nightly devotions with them by the light of a latern and listened to their sweet voices share Scriptures, worship, and pray. Our two directors Pastor Francis and Hedwig proved solid in everything as expected. Pastor Francis is a modern day disciple, living what he preaches. Not only is he an amazing teacher, him and his wife are caring for 8 orphans plus their 7 children.  He is business smart and knows how to network all the while sharing Christ everywhere he goes. Hedwig, the iron lady, breaks all the molds of culture to fight for women and children’s rights, while having a compassionate and loving heart for any child in need. I went to Uganda to be the hands and feet of Jesus, and instead found myself right in the heart of Christ.  The last night several of the girls wrote a goodbye poem that said, “Orphans, orphans, orphans no more, for we have a heavenly Father and spiritual parents, orphans, orphans, orphans no more.” Bless the Children Ministries isn’t only physically providing for needs, it is playing a role in the transformational work of God in a group of orphans that I know will one day change the world, and it was more than an honor to spend 8 days with them. Most all of you know since I was old enough to know about missions and orphans I have wanted to be involved and now I see how God so perfectly crafted this ministry as a part of my life.  Please check out for more information on how to get involved, we still have many children waiting for sponsors and lots of dream projects, this ministry has changed my life I hope you will join the ministry and experience this with me.

Friday, January 14, 2011


Hello friends!  Marsha and I have just returned from Uganda and have had an amazing time with the children and Uganda team!  The love is indescribable!   I would love to continue blogging about this amazing ministry but time is precious and I really need to know if anyone is reading????  Please post a comment below if you would like me to continue sharing!  Thanks!! Amy

Friday, August 13, 2010

Exciting News! July Mission Trip Highlights!

So many stories, so many accomplishments!  God is good!  I have to first start with this verse, because this verse can sum up everything that is accomplished in this ministry!..........

Ephesians 3:14-21
 Now to Him who is able to do far more abundantly beyond all that we ask or think, according to the power that works within us, to Him be the glory in the church and in Christ Jesus to all generations forever and ever. Amen.

God truly does more than we can ever think or ask in this ministry over and over again!   The July mission team discovered and experienced God's incredible work in Uganda!  Orphans are being loved and cared for, children are being educated, the gospel is being taught.  Love surrounds and abounds at Bless The Children Ministries Uganda!

Exciting News!  
We have added 70 more orphans and needy children to our sponsorship program!  Visit Facebook to meet them!  They are real and waiting for your help!  Reach across the world and change their life with love and support!

Big Praise!  Together we hand dug a 70 foot water well for the BTCM campus and community!  We left the Water 4 well digging kit for the African team so they can dig 25-50 more!!  We originally were only anticipating one well.  A perfect example of God going beyond all that we ask or think!
Click the Facebook Badge to the right to see this amazing video!!

Releif!  With the Lords strength, our team Dental Hygienist, Linda,  pulled over 40 teeth on the top of a school desk and saved them from the "Nail and Hammer" dentist in the village!  In the final hours before the team left, Dentist,  Dr. Shannon Toler,  donated anesthetic and tools to make this possible!

Day Medical Clinic-  Many were treated by our team volunteers and our future Doctor Bart!

VBS for over 200 children!

Orphans blessed with backpack gifts and letters from there sponsors!

Men and Women taught by our team teachers in a Biblical Conference.

And so much more!!

Thank you for your partnership with us!  It would not be possible without you!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Backpacks were a huge success!

Thank you for all the backpack gifts!!  They were delivered last week by the mission team and were a huge success!  The team has had a blessed and productive trip and will return in a few days with new stories, letters and video interviews from the children and community!  

We will be hosting a casual Bless The Children Celebration Event soon in Tulsa, so you can come and hear from the children and learn more about the ministry.  Date and Time to be announced.

We are also excited to announce that we will be adding 70 more orphans to our sponsorship program!  The mission team has met and interviewed each one and we will be creating sponsorship profiles when they return!

Thanks for everyone's support and prayers!